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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 20, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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25-years behind bars. a death row inmate.. set free in the bay area. good elizabeth his first taste of freedom after 25 years behind bars. a death row inmate set free in the bay area. that evening. >> false evidence and at his murder trial, putting him on death row for two and half
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tickets. joe vazquez was at san quentin today, when he walked out a free man. >> reporter: he spent more than two decades at san quentin's death row. his new group of lawyers found fresh, crucial evidence and now, he is a free man. tears of joy and it tight embrace from friends and family as he is freed from san quentin prison death row. >> he was wrongfully convicted 25 years ago. we are very grateful this day finally has come. >> reporter: he was watching his girlfriend's young daughter in 91, somehow she got out of the house and ended up out of the apartment, unconscious. she was taken to the hospital, it turns out one of the hospitals used an adult size catheter on the 21 month old girl. his lawyers say that explains why she had nasty bruises and injuries to her private parts
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that appeared as if she had been raped. the lawyers recently found a hospital record regarding the capital are -- the catheter. >> he was hard -- horrified then and horrified today at the loss of life but he had nothing to do with that. >> reporter: the supreme court decided his convictions were -- based on false evidence. today a judge made his freedom official. >> i order he be released as soon as possible. >> reporter: after he got out, he announced in spanish what he will do now. he says he will eat and drink some tequila. his first taste of freedom. prosecutors in kern county say they believe he committed the murder but they decided not to retry the case. it is still not clear how the girl died.
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as joe mentioned the prosecutors opted not to retry them because even if they were able to win a convention on a lesser -- a conviction to --. the president, putin and prostitutes. veronica de la cruz is here with the details. >> the associated press obtained 15 pages of memos delivered to congress by the justice department. in one he reportedly told, he seriously had reservations about the judgment of michael flynn. there are also notes with conversations where he claims the president asked him for loyalty and told him to back off the investigation into his dealings with russia. and another member he writes mr. trump said vladimir putin boasted about having some of the most beautiful hookers in the world. meanwhile the president is adding rudy giuliani who his
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legal team. he will focus on interacting with special counsel robert mueller to close out the russia probe. they already know each other from their days on the justice department. another blow to the trump administration on the sanctuary city front. a federal appeals court upheld an order blocking the justice department from acquiring jurisdictions to cooperating with ice. the president fired an angry tweet accusing sanctuary cities of releasing dozens of gang members who went on to commit violent crimes. he added we are doing a great job of law enforcement thing such as this make safety in america difficult. it is worth noting that three judges on the appeals panel are all republicans. president donald trump dropped a bombshell on his border war with governor brown. he says the feds will not be footing the bill over the hundreds of national guard members the governor agreed to send south. dave bryan has more on the border battle.
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>> reporter: the day after governor jerry brown ordered the appointment of up to 400 california national guard troops to the mexican border and other in-state locations, president donald trump continued his twitter war on brown and california immigration policies. the crime rate is high enough and the federal government will not be paying for governor brown and his charade. we need border security and action. not words. governor brown was concerned the national guard men and women would be used to enforce the trump administration's immigration crackdown. chasing down immigrants of the border. he struck a deal to have them help with matters other than immigration enforcement with the federal government footing the bill. at an event on thursday in florida, the president clearly had california on his mind. claimed there was a revolt underway in the state against sanctuary cities and week immigration enforcement. >> look at what is happening in california was sanctuary cities.
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people are really going the opposite way. they don't want sanctuary cities. a little bit of a revolution going on in california. >> reporter: in the deal put together by the governor the stated mission would be to attack exactly border problems that president donald trump has often referred to. combating criminal games, human traffickers and legal firearms and smugglers. the -- could slap wells fargo with a billion-dollar fine as soon as tomorrow morning. the bank apologized last year for forcing hundreds of thousands of customers to buy things like car insurance that they did not need. and charging mortgage borrowers unfair fees. 10 figure fine would be the harshest action the trump administration has taken against any major bank. getting a paycheck is not enough for thousands of san jose residents who say they are forced on the street. because they can afford the skyhigh rent.
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maria medina has their pleas for help. >> i nearly cried, i was shaking. >> reporter: in his first year of college, he found himself struggling to make it in school. >> life at hard -- home was hard, my mom had to take money to use for rent. mac he couldn't afford his dorm room and was forced to commute on the bus from his mom's studio to san jose state, six hours a day. sometimes, he would miss the last bust -- bus at night and sleep in the library. >> some students drop out because it's easy. did you consider that? >> it is not an option for me. if i don't go to college right now, i am submitting to being poor and impoverished for the rest of my life. >> reporter: he is far from alone. >> a lot of the dorms are available, they are expensive. not a lot of us can afford $13,000. >> reporter: the homeless student alliance urged ovida
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sanctioned, legal encampment on campus. to help the estimated 300 students who sleep in shelters, camps or cars on any given night. students aren't the only ones demanding help. renters gathered outside city hall today sending a message to city council members to protect them. from what they call on fairy evictions and displacement. ahead of next week's vote on several renter and landlord laws. he says he will continue to balance school and trying to stay off the streets. >> we try to go with the punches to be able to someday have the better life where we can afford homes and warm beds and things like that. >> reporter: a campus chaplain helped him get housing through the end of the semester, the university president says she has secured grants for a food pantry and emergency housing. investigators in florida searching for motive after a man walked up to a restaurant window, pulled out a gun and
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killed two sheriff's deputies. the deputies were sitting inside a chinese restaurant north of tampa this afternoon with -- when the government fired through the window. he walked to his jeep and took his own life. authorities believe he acted alone, the victims were identified as sergeant ramirez who is 30 and deputy taylor who was age 25. the mother -- the brother of stephon clark, the unarmed manned shot -- unarmed man shot and killed, his brother is now under arrest. >> reporter: he walked through the doors of his jailhouse interview room wearing an orange jumpsuit and a wide smile, turning to wave to the camera before picking up the phone to talk. how are you doing? >> good how are you? >> reporter: i asked him to explain his arrest. you are arrested today and you are facing some serious charges, one for assault and
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another for vandalism and another for threat and abusing 911. what you say about that? >> i have never touched anybody in my life. >> reporter: police arrived after calls for service and reports he was acting radically. audio recordings describe a wild scene. >> he is streaming it live on the internet, armed with a machete. >> reporter: he paused when i asked about that. what happened? >> -- they just i need to talk to my lawyer. >> reporter: the brother of stephon clark burst onto the national scene when he jumped on the mayor's desk during a sacramento city council meeting. despite his arrest now, he says he loves everybody. >> right now everybody loves everybody. i'm knocking it -- i am not going anywhere, i am not
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moving. >> reporter: you said everybody loves everybody but the police say you made threats against others? well, i don't care what the police told you guys i love everybody. even if the police said that. >> reporter: he is not eligible for bail, his first court appearance is set for tomorrow afternoon. in sacramento, steve large. coming up, would you tell your boss or your kids if you smoke marijuana? a surprising revelation about women and pot. ahead of for 20. talk about a firesale, they are ugly, expensive and selling fast. the real estate trend you can only find in the bay area. explosive moments for a police officer, what happens after that is
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while they were inside. take a look. the tonight a family is recovering after their house exploded while they were inside. >> look at this, the blast was caught on camera and this happened when a car slammed into the home two weeks ago. amazingly after the explosion, the officer along with his colleagues were able to go into the home and rescue the homeowners and their son. all three were badly burned but are expected to survive thanks to the officers. a couple suspects took smash and grab to a whole new level in nevada. two suspects rammed their car through the glass front doors
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of a gun store near reno. police say the suspects ditched the car, took off with several firearms. a suspected beer truck thief is behind bars. they say this guy stole a course truck from outside a liquor store but the truck had a gps device aboard. officers were able to track it within minutes and then they saw the shirtless man in black shorts running across highway 101. they found him hiding in some bushes. tomorrow is april 20, also known as for 20. the unofficial pot holiday. this year celebrations are expected to be bigger than ever now that marijuana is legal in california. that includes the gathering at hippie hill and golden gate park. a san francisco tradition that dates back to the 70s. betty yu is in the newsroom with some revealing new numbers about californians and cannabis. >> reporter: a new report found
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legal recreational marijuana is having a real impact on the conversation about weed. people particularly women are becoming more comfortable with it as can us -- cannabis moves from the black market to a regulated one. >> reporter: in light of the legalization, more people are opening up about cannabis use. that is what the marijuana delivery startup found in its newest data report. >> women are among the group most likely to share about their cannabis consumption on social media. they are also much more likely than to discuss use with children. i think a lot of it has to do with education. >> reporter: the latest campaign is called on it encouraging users to do so no matter how or why the enjoy marijuana. this year the company expects for 20 to be its most profitable. about 20% of users are
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celebrating the high holiday for the first time. in the majority of those, 73% say they are doing so because of legalization. 420 on san francisco's hippie hill is expecting an even greater crowd. than the usual 15,000. >> we think this is pointing to a strong shift in attitude and the de-stigmatization. >> reporter: it is also becoming more normalized in the workplace. 54% of respondents are open about the topic with coworkers. early 40% can talk about it with their bosses. anna morris uses regularly and works at a tech startup. >> i feel fine about being open about it. >> reporter: with your boss and coworkers? >> my boss is a coworker, it's a small company. we are open about a lot of things. >> reporter: at their headquarters it is all hands on deck in the so-called war room.
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set up to manage spiking deliveries during marijuana week. we surveyed 5000 customers for this report and it found that 73% of adult surveys -- surveyed say they are open with her parents about using marijuana. >> where does all the money go? a lawmaker wants to make it easier for dispensaries to deposit money and pay their taxes. right now, existing banks cannot work with dispensaries since marijuana sales are still illegal under federal law. banks controlled by the federal government, state senator scott weiner is cosponsoring a bill to create new banks. they would be privately financed , regulated by the state of california and geared towards handling money from the cannabis industry. >> they want to pay taxes, they want to operate like a professional business, they are very frustrated because they don't want to have to carry around suitcases of cash.
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>> dispensaries say without access to regular banks they must higher armed guards to accompany all that cash on the road. this year, the state expects to collect about $600 million and cannabis taxes. a hot real estate trend that we can't imagine happening anywhere but here. bay area homes that have burned or are condemned are actually selling. the one on the left sold for more than $800,000 in san jose. the one on the right, $1.23 million in fremont. both have signs saying enter at your own risk. tonight we look at another burned out home that just sold tonight for around 1 1/2 million dollars. >> reporter: you could say this address gets excellent light. >> this is the front yard. >> reporter: the walls are a bit like emperors new clothes. see-through and not there at
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all. the price for this burned out shell of a home, on the market for $1.48 million. >> it's not even salvageable. it is a piece of land that they will pay for, not even a big piece of land. >> reporter: it says enter at your own risk, the neighborhood on the border of mountain view and palo alto is full of midcentury modern homes built in the 50s and 60s that sold for a song. >> my father bought the house for $16,000. back in 1955. >> reporter: like everything on the peninsula, times are changing. >> we say it is google, big companies like that. >> reporter: he has lived here 52 years and his boys are growing up in the same home he did. >> we love this neighborhood, we love growing up here but we are not sure if our kids can afford to live your. >> reporter: he says the neighborhood is have old-timers and have newbies. >> i am excited it is
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constantly raising the value of my home. i don't plan to move or sell. >> reporter: if you don't get to live in the home, the home next door is also vacant and it is yellow tagged and has been since 2015. we will have a fantastic weekend for a lot of things. >> you will never afford a house but you will get a tan this weekend. even trade? 55 in oakland, sunny and warm tomorrow, warmer for the weekend, san jose 55, 57, mild evening, mild night. let me show you this time-lapse from our oakland camera. being back toward san francisco, the sunset and the colors of the post sunset over the bay area. 45 tonight for concord, 44 livermore, san jose 47, napa 44 degrees. weather headlines, warmer than average first time in a while. this begins friday afternoon and continues through the
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weekend with low 80s possible. like cooling to the middle of next week but not a drop of rain in the forecast. more of a typical spring pattern, something that has been elusive since the first week of february. we had some snow flurries in the sierra, the western flank of the low that missed us, did hit the mountains with snow showers. we have a ridge of high pressure building in and it will center to the south, that is good news if you don't like the hot weather. a light onshore flow keeping temperatures within normal. warmer than normal, but not too hot. tomorrow morning, clear skies, tomorrow evening clear skies, saturday more sunshine. in april, the sun is as strong as it is in august. actually put sunscreen on. next week, stronger breezes courtesy of this developing area of low pressure that will drop temperatures back to normal by next tuesday. tomorrow is friday, it will be nice. san jose 76 was sunshine hayward 70, pacifica 61, cooler at the beach. walnut creek, danville, 70s.
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san francisco 66, windsor 76. warmest weather, saturday through monday. 80s inland, 70s near the bay, cooling-off and going to the beach and we will cool off to the middle of next week. houses are $4 million but who cares with weather like that? >> the trillion dollar forecast. >> thank you. >> who needs walls, light -- let in the nice breeze. one of the bay area's biggest discoveries, the first look at a huge fossil exhibit
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sharks. a collection of fossils.. has recently been unearthed by workers on the calaveras dam. researchers say based on these fossils - the bay area was underwater.. 15 to 20 mi from ancient wells to extinct sharks, a collection of fossils has been unearthed by workers on the calaveras dam. based on the fossils, the bay area was underwater 15-20 million years ago.
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you want to see the prehistoric remains up close, you can check them out at the valley life science building this saturday at uc berkeley. >> there you go, another thing to do this weekend. fossils, kind of like the giants offense. alas, help is on the way. the name that is coming to save the giants. basketball takes a backseat in san antonio
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coach gregg popovich, passed away. basketball seemed secondary tonight in san antonio. a day after aaron poppa just -- popovich passed away. -- he requested that they not have a moment of silence in the arena. turn back the clock night for tony parker, get the spurs close in the 1st half with 16 points off the bench. dream on greened -- draymond green filled up the stat sheet, the warriors led by six at the break. kevin durant, this was it. a game-high 26 including 17 in the 1st half. not an incredibly flashy game for the warriors, they did just enough. david west keeps the play alive, 19 points. garbage time when durant sprained his left ankle trying to save the basketball. and then, moments later shaun livingston suffered the same
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injury but both say they are fine. warriors won 110-97 and despite taking the series lead, the mood was somber. >> it is a difficult time obviously for pop and his family and for all of us who love pop and loved aaron, we feel for the family. >> how do you fight the frustration and not get swept on your home-court. it's hard to think about that for me personally. right now. there is other stuff bigger than basketball. damian lillard and the losers on life-support. anthony davis jumping over everything with 28 points, 11 rebounds, new orleans wins 119- 102 to -- they are the warriors next opponent. matt williams and would reportedly join the jalan's -- giants, heading nearly .500 and
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way they need -- boy do they need an offense. after this collision, owings left the game that avoided a concussion. a shot off -- they lose 3-1. the 10th time the season they have scored one or fewer runs. the a's host the boston red sox tomorrow. a's have won four straight. they are on a roll, giants or not. >> williams have been up for -- has been up before, he has never done anything. mostly aaa.
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. good night. the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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